Some facts about home-based online business

Some facts about home-based online business

 Data from paints a rosy picture for home-based online business for newbies. As of June 30, 2012, out of the 7,017,846,922 world population, 2,405,518,376 are already connected to internet or a 34.3 % global internet penetration. A whopping 566% increase from 360,985,492 global internet users as of December 31, 2000. To date, over 100,000 people are being introduced to the internet every day and that trend just keep increasing.

 What does these statistics tells us? Internet will have a massive global influence in all facets of human interaction. In fact some studies tell us that by 2016, half of global purchases will be influenced by internet exposure. That’s a massive costumer base with global reach for any home-based online business model!

 That’s a huge potential indeed for home-based online business to operate on. That is if you know WHAT and HOW to start, nurture and build your home-based online business and online earning streams to generate enough cash to attain that much coveted financial freedom.

Unfortunately, current realities are still far from its ideal situation. From these 2 billion plus internet users, 2% venture the internet to try to earn some online income from home. However, statistics say that 99.99% of home-based online business people have NO CLUE on how the technical side of the internet works and is destined to fail and on to a disappointing journey. 90% will not survive within six months or will still have zero earning.

 This should not be the case. That’s the reason of this site: to broaden that 10% of successful online business, by giving all the right info, essentials skills, tools and resources to be successful. Together, we shall build a community of successful online entrepreneurs partaking shares of the trillion dollar online business being dominated by a handful few.  Don’t pass the opportunity to join now, and start acquiring all the essential knowledge-base to build your online business.